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Review Minnal Murali Review

Discussion in 'MTownHub' started by KHILADI, Dec 25, 2021.


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    Dec 1, 2015
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    I had less expectations for this from the beginning. The trailer did not make much impact to me. But the promos are captivating.

    I am a fan of superhero movies and I thought the director may not pull this off with its theme. I thought it would be just another flash story, the who says the most faster person on earth.

    But this one has surprised me. It established the story and has connected with me well from the beginning.
    The backstory of the hero and the villian and how the powers are gained are told in a very impactful way. Not superfast, but it has its momentum and did not get bored even once. But you have to watch it in a stretch to keep you connected to the speed of the narrative.

    The performance of the hero, heroine, villian and other characters are very well. The climax is predictable.

    3.5/ 5

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